Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bounty Hunter OUT NOW!

14-year-old Kai Koson had nothing to do with the apocalypse, thank you very much. He was just a baby the day a coven of blood witches ripped a hole in the universe and the demons fell screaming from the sky. Earth and its magic perished. Witchkind was hunted and annihilated.

Now, because he was born a witch, Kai must spend his life running and fighting for survival. Even his own uncle seems determined to abandon him.

With nothing left to lose, Kai runs away and joins a team of galactic bounty hunters. But instead of providing an escape, it sets Kai on a path that will destroy everything he believes about himself and the apocalypse, transforming him into the most wanted teenager in the galaxy.

LawrenceMann - S J HOLLIS – BountyHunty FINAL crop LowRes

Ebook available worldwide at Amazon.

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Please note that due to an issue with the printer, the paperback release has been delayed *sad face*

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