Saturday, 13 July 2013

Bounty Hunter: Another Step Closer/Release Date

Bounty Hunter Title LowRes

The manuscript is undergoing final edits and proofreading in the capable and talented hands of (who I hope to be able to meet one day because she's going to get the hug of her life), and the cover By illustrator Lawrence Mann is almost finished. In the mean time, Lawrence sent the title graphics. I actually sat at my desk and applauded. This is my first experience of publishing a book and I have learned many many things. The first of those things is that to work with people who have the ability to see your vision is the most important aspect in bringing everything together. I think I've been very lucky.

Lawrence Mann is taking commissions. Have a look at his website and contact him for a chat.

I originally hoped for a July release, but that was completely unrealistic. We're looking at late August now due to ISBN admin and my holiday to the Land of the Night Slugs.

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