Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Ideas are like buses ...

A while ago, I posted about the crappy state of my novel. Thanks to all my wonderful friends, I am no longer teetering on the edge of a Ben & Jerry’s attack. I have been pulled back from the brink of very mild despair, and I have now learned my lesson. I had an idea and I rushed into things too soon. As a result, my protagonist is desperately unhappy and unhappy he will have to stay until I figure out what on earth I’m going to do to straighten things out for him.

But have no fear! For the brain of Shelley Hollis never quits. I struggled for a year to get the urge to write anything other than fanfic before it finally hit me and I was off in a flurry of tappy tappy scribble scribble. Then guess what happened? Yep, I had another idea. Would you Adam and Eve it? It started as small idea which smacked me in the face while I was getting dressed one morning. I had it scrawled out in a very poor first draft in my notebook by noon, and three days later I thought, ‘Hey, that would make a fantastic prologue to something so much bigger.’

Since then, I’ve been making lists (checking them twice), gathering links, talking to people, pitching the idea to a few unlucky individuals and choosing which notebook to use. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone with this one so I need to do a lot of research. I can’t imagine that I’ll actually start writing it until after Christmas.

In the meantime, I shall be continuing the other story mostly for the sake of character development, but also to see how much, if any of it, can be salvaged.

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