Thursday, 25 October 2007

Flying By

1. I feel good. My first assignment has just been sent off to the OU and I feel quietly confident about it. It's early days but I think I've done reasonably well for a first piece. Let's hope I'm right.

2. Tomorrow is Friday and payday is early next week. This makes me happy and also means I can actually pay the vet to stab my dog with a needle on Tuesday.

3. Why is JKR getting so much flack for the Dumbledore thing? Aside from the fact that it shouldn't matter what a character's sexuality is, she worked damned hard for an astonishingly long time to create seven books for us all to enjoy/critise/rip apart/covert/create fanfiction from/obsess over, so I'd like to challenge anyone that says she has no right to out one of her own characters. Her party, her guest list, she can serve the cupcakes to whomever she likes.

4. My 2008 Mslexia Diary arrived in the post today. Oh my god, it's so perfect. It has monthly writing exercises and inspirations, weblinks, useful contacts, resources and publishers. It even has a submissions diary and a menstrual/creativity/moon (?!) chart. This diary is a gem and you can get it a little cheaper if you're a subscriber like moi.

5. Damn, never walk away when you're in the middle of a list. Now I've forgotten no. 5

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