Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Happy Heroes Day!

I hold in my hands something more precious than the Crown Jewels, Tutankhamun’s Death Mask and a slim-line, pink laptop from PC World put together. Season 1 of Heroes.

I can hear angels singing! Laaaaaaaa!

It’s an American import because UK box sets are ridiculously expensive and, so far, only the first half of the season has been released here. Rip-off Britain is still in business, folks.

It’s so shiny. Literally. The eclipse on the front glimmers and hypnotises like Xander’s shiny coin from The Replacement. Oh, the extras! The deleted scenes! The documentaries! The commentaries! The explanation marks! Oh wait, that’s just me.

And the best part? Did you guys know that it’s possible to change the region on a computer’s DVD drive? I just did it by accident. I’m just hoping I can change it back later.

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