Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Game Review: Killzone PS4 - My Controller has Teeth Marks!

I wanted my first PS4 game to be a looker, and so I chose Killzone based purely on aesthetics. And yes, it is a beautiful-looking game. The graphics are unbelievable, and the game plays smoothly with no lag or glitches. But what really surprised me was the excellent gameplay. It’s a hard game and I don’t generally do ‘shooters’ mostly due to my nerves of rubber and lack of button-pushing coordination during stressful moments. Despite this, though, I found Killzone to be very playable, even for a keen but unskilled muppet like me. Like any game, there were a few frustrating moments, and my controller now has teeth marks but on the whole I found the level of difficulty a good match, and I suspect the harder settings would be a good match for seasoned shooter fans.

On a side note, I know a few people have complained that they were being thrown way back after re-spawning or re-starting but I suspect there has been a patch to fix that because I always re-spawned almost exactly where I fell flat on my face.

Killzone is a great game to show off a mere fraction of what the PS4 can do, which makes me feel very excited for the console’s future. I think some of the reviews for this game are a little bit harsh. I enjoyed the story, the voice acting was good and the entire game was well polished and delivered. I would recommend it to anyone looking to get shot in the back 20-30 times. Fun.

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