Monday, 9 December 2013

Book Review: Big Honey Dog - Message in a Bauble

Message in a Bauble (Big Honey Dog Mysteries - Christmas Special Edition)Message in a Bauble by H.Y. Hanna

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Honey the slobbering Great Dane and her group of friends I like to call the D Team, are back in this short Christmas story. There is a new mystery to solve, more cats to cope with, and one of the gang is in serious mischief!

Just like the previous mystery The Curse of the Scarab, Message in a Bauble is well written in a clean and meticulous style that is perfect for middle grade readers. It’s funny and sweet, and Honey does a wonderful Lassie impersonation. The library cat was comedy gold, and in defence of Biscuit the Beagle, I totally would have investigated those crisps. Perfectly understandable.

Talking dogs. Thick humans. Charming little Christmas story. What more could you ask for?? Great stuff.

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