Thursday, 13 June 2013

Bounty Hunter News

Since making the huge decision to go ahead and release a paperback at the same time as the ebook, the worker monkeys in my head told me I needed to upgrade the book cover. Seriously upgrade. I needed something that would help tell the story and sell the book, something more specific to show the reader what they are buying. After a weekend brainstorming with The Keeper (my sister's boyfriend) I had some ideas but was seriously lacking an artist. Long story slightly less long, I fell over an illustrator on Twitter by the name of Lawrence Mann. I had a look at his website and was absolutely blown away. I approached him cautiously, sneaking like a puppy who is supposed to be on her mat but is immensely tempted by the slice of pizza that's just been dropped to the floor. 'How much is your pizza artwork?' I asked him. Slightly less long story slightly longer, I gave him my ideas, he gave me a price and a concept sketch and we shook on it.

Ladies, gentleman, demons, witches and internet stalkers, I present to you the first stage of the new Bounty Hunter cover. This is Kai, the 14-year-old who has been scampering around my head for the last 5 years.


Lawrence sent this to me yesterday evening. I barely slept last night. I barely managed to wake up this morning. He's given life to my book. Kai has a face. It makes him feel even more real. To have him on the cover was Lawrence's idea and I jumped at it even though I couldn't quite picture how he would combine it with the image of Kai's hand holding the Earth that I'd asked for. What I love about Lawrence is that he works with you. He takes in your ideas and offers ideas in return. I babbled about hands, blood, the Earth, demons and Laon the Demon Lord, and Lawrence listened, interpreted and came up with a cover so awesome I've nearly run out of tea bags. I can't wait to see the finished cover. Yes, it's cost me a lot more than the original cover, but I can't put a price on Kai's face or the five years it's taken me to write this book. I'm putting my soul into Bounty Hunter's release. I want the cover the reflect that. I want the cover to sell what's inside.

Please check out Lawrence Mann at his Website, Facebook Page and Twitter.

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Anonymous said...

Well done kiddo. Lööking good. Love mum. Xxx