Friday, 17 May 2013


I went to The Globe Theatre on Tuesday to see King Lear. I also went to the Globe Theatre last Sunday. I am also going in June. Excessive, yeah, I know, but it was sort of an accident. It was my friend Rose's turn to choose a production as I got Henry V last year and she went with A Midsummer Night's Dream (in June). Half an hour later we were discussing King Lear and after she cautiously whispered that King Lear reminded her of my grandad and I tearfully whispered back that I agreed, we decided we had to see it. One month later The Globe sent an email informing us that Colin Morgan was going to play Ariel in The Tempest. There was shock, arm-twisting and pleading. Finally I waggled my gold card and the deal was done. Now I know that I'm a Merlin fan, but I'm also a Shakespeare fan and I loved Colin's interpretation of Ariel. He was like a naughty monkey who'd munched an entire packet of Haribo in one sitting. The entire production was astonishing and both Rose and I walked away saying it was one of the best plays we've seen at The Globe. On Tuesday we walked out of King Lear saying the exact same thing. I wonder what the next play will be like. I can't wait to find out. I just hope it's a little warmer. I nearly froze my Wonder Woman knickers off.

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