Sunday, 3 February 2008


My brain has been a hive of activity recently. Ideas have been pouring from my ears like syringed earwax.

There was once a time, many months ago, when finally I felt the urge to quit fanfiction and write my own world, but what was missing were the ideas to actually do that. And since then I've grasped at straws, lunged for any spark of an idea and clawed at anything that could be remotely original and all mine. I was like a hungry woman in the middle of a kebab shop -- desperate.

But then the kebab shop owner unlocked his door (because he was keeping me there against my will, obviously; as a teetotal person I'm never in that inebriated state needed to eat kebabs), shoved me outside and cried 'Look, restaurants! Everywhere!'

I feel the relief deeply. Now I just have the job of sorting through my brain and pulling out the good stuff. I spent all of last night freewriting, penning a great many random flashes and scenes and descriptions as they came to me. It was weird how the randomness turned out not to be random at all and instead I've created the start of my own universe.

Also, anyone watch Lost? It's getting crazier, yes?

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