Saturday, 17 November 2007

What are you weaknesses?

I got my marks and concrit back for my first Open University assignment this week (I've taken Creative Writing this year, surprise, surprise). 78%!! Whoooooooo! I'm very pleased. I consider over 70% to be a good mark. I'm also pleased with the concrit. Most of what I tried to achieve in the narrative, I successfully pulled off, and the two weak points my tutor pointed out are absolutely spot on, especially the criticism of the end of my story. I compromised the whole piece with an ending that was too tidy and too obvious, which is ironic considering I've just been writing up a small critical review of a published novel which does the same thing. Doh!

So here is my question to all the fiction writer's on my flist:

What are your main weaknesses? Do you also struggle with the end? Does your beginning lack punch? Is your dialogue great but your description crappier than a pair of overused underpants? Tell me!

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