Thursday, 11 October 2007

Grandad Lucius

My grandfather just ask me to look on ebay for a new walking stick.

'Something fancy,' he said.

'Like an animal head?' I asked.

'Yeah, something in brass.'

'A dragon's head? Eagle?'

Grandad scratched his beard and considered carefully for three seconds. 'Hmm, Eagle, I think.'

'How about this one?' I pointed to my computer screen.

'Yes, that's nice.'

'Or what about a snake's head?

'Go on, then, have a look.'

Suddenly, as if seized by the epiphany of a lifetime, I grasped my keyboard tightly and yelled: 'HOW ABOUT A LUCIUS MALFOY SNAKE-HEAD PIMP CANE?!'

'Hmm, how much is that?'

Seriously, guys, I was so tempted to let him buy it. How cool would that be? My grandad with a replica Lucius cane? It even pulls out into a wand. Grandad was willing to pay 70 quid for it! If I could have been assured that it actually functioned as a comfortable walking stick and wasn't just prop, I would have let him.

1 comment:

Olivia said...

haha funny, I would crack up if I saw [im assuming hes kinda old] an old man walking with a pimp cane that has a wand! Lol!